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At the University of Antwerp (UA), two groups are working on the project: ECOBE and SPHERE. ECOBE is the Ecosystem Management research group at UA focusing on the ecology of aquatic ecosystems and processes in the land-water interaction. Research at SPHERE (Systemic Physiological and Ecotoxicological Research) is concerned with the adaptation of aquatic and terrestrial organisms to their environment and effects of environmental contamination on organisms, populations and communities.

At the University of Gent, PProGRess (Pore-scale Processes in Geomaterials Research group) studies the various processes that occur inside the pore space of porous geomaterials. PProGRess is part of the Ghent University Centre for X-Ray Tomography (UGCT) and of the department of Geology at Ghent University.

VLIZ is home to the unique mesocosm facility of this project and provides extensive analytical support. Being an autonomous institute it promotes and supports Flemish marine research at an international level.

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Prof. Filip Meysman
heads Belgian’s research on coastal enhanced silicate weathering.

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