Discover the latest publications on enhanced silicate weathering

Environmental Science & Technology:
Deriving nickel (Ni(II)) and chromium (Cr(III)) based environmentally safe olivine guidelines for coastal enhanced silicate weathering

Flipkens G, Blust R and Town R M (2021).
Environ. Sci. Technol. 55(18): 12362–12371

Biology Letters:
Negative CO2 emissions via enhanced silicate weathering in coastal environments

Meysman FJR and Montserrat F (2017).
Biol. Lett. 13: 20160905

Environmental Science & Technology:
Olivine dissolution in seawater: Implications for CO2 sequestration through enhanced weathering in coastal environments

Montserrat F, Renforth R, Hartmann J, Leermakers M, Knops P and Meysman FJR (2017).
Environ. Sci. Technol. 51(7): 3960-3972.


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